About the booth

We created our photo booth to turn the classic feel of the black-and-white film photo booth into a digital experience that can be set up anywhere, at any event. We’re passionate about photography that looks great and machinery that works great and believe we’ve made a photo booth rental service that’s truly top-notch.

Here’s what makes our booth unique:

• Classic, high-contrast black-and-white photography.
• Time-lapse music videos: After the event we turn your photos into a short, fun video you can share online. Watch an example here.
• Personalized double photo strips: Each strip of four photos gets printed out twice (in under 20 seconds) so guests leave one for your collection — and keep one for themselves.
• Elegant, unobtrusive styling: Our photo booth was designed to fit in everywhere from DIY weddings to corporate events.

And of course we bring you:

• Ultra-flattering lighting: Everyone wants to look good. That’s why the True Photo booth was built from the ground up by a professional photographer who understands how to make people look their best. Our booth isn’t just fun – it takes beautiful photographs.
• Professional service: Our friendly, super-professional photo booth attendant will arrive on time and will stay with the booth for the entire event to make sure everything goes perfectly.
• High-resolution photos and full-size prints: Because our booth uses a high-resolution digital SLR camera, you’ll be able to order gorgeous full-size prints (and your guests will too) from your online gallery. Want 8 x 12” blow-ups? No problem!
• No hidden fees: Absolutely everything you need is covered in our quoted prices, including set-up, your helpful photo booth attendant, unlimited prints, and your online gallery.

Still have questions? Want to make a suggestion? Just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.